Principles of Long Term Maintenance
Effective maintenance of buildings not only improves the quality of living working environment but is also a vital means to uphold or even raise the value of properties. Maintenance in general can be classified into servicing, repair, and replacement and upgrading. There is also a marked difference in terms of methods, management and the result of “breakdown maintenance” versus “planned or preventive maintenance”.

Planned maintenance gives the owners and the property managers more time to prepare for the works and, more importantly, to secure the necessary funding. It usually starts out by a thorough condition survey to assess the current situations, identify the full extent of works required and lay down the level of expectation. Considerations include implementation programs, standard of performance and reliability, as well as maintenance strategy, budget, and life cycles of certain elements and facilities. Daily maintenance of essential features such as cleaning of surface water channels to avoid blockage of drains, servicing of small components of equipment or easily wearable items such as children’s play furniture are essential to ensure safe and smooth operation. A detailed plan for maintenance to be carried out every day should be drawn up as per the equipment supplier’s recommendations, needs and expectations of the owners and priority in allocation of resources.

Proactive Facility Management
Identifying facility maintenance needs, prioritizing deferred maintenance, planning and budgeting for long term building and equipment requirements are key aspects of proactive facility maintenance. Planning for an efficient facility includes looking at the past needs, present backlog, and future expectations. This is accomplished through determining the current status of facilities, planning for any repairs and maintenance and implementing a long term plan that keeps maintenance schedules on track and funded for years into future.

Over time as new technologies are integrated and the needs of the users change, facilities age and the condition of the buildings and assets may be compromised beyond normal wear and tear. The best way to understand what has been happening with a building portfolio and to predict future needs of those buildings and assets is through a facility assessment.

A facility assessment can be as informal as a walkthrough or as a thorough inventory and conditions analysis that examines each building, major building components and specific pieces of equipment. Once the status of the facility is known, there is a clearer understanding of the impending maintenance and repair needs and an opportunity to plan and schedule out capital renewal projects, preventive maintenance and repair needs and create a schedule to attack any backlog of deferred maintenance issues.

Defects in Building Services Installation
Most of the mechanical components of the building services installations have a relatively shorter life span than the building structure. Defects in the mechanical components usually lead to failure requiring repair or servicing. It is therefore necessary to have a planned schedule for foreseeable servicing and replacement for components. Avoid exhausting the designed lifespan of such components as it can prevent sudden breakdown of services that causes undesirable or even disastrous consequences.
Going green for good
Today, more than ever, we are encouraged to use green products and services as much as possible. Why not? We all long for a living and working environment that is comfortable, clean, and safe.

Why convert to green products, services and practices?

  • Promotion of a safer and healthier work environment for your employees, vendors, and visitors
  • Reducing your footprint on the environment
  • Contributing to the reduction of liability exposure to chemicals
  • Improving productivity and performance of workers
  • Contributing to improving “Quality of Life”
  • Fulfilling your environmental responsibility

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