Welcome to Castle FE

Castle FE Pte Ltd is a facility engineering and maintenance services company with a focus on green practices.

About Us

Our Mission

To deliver practical, cost effective, efficient and sustainable facility engineering and maintenance services, solutions and supplies to all types of facilities that adds value to the facilities, owners and users.

About Us

Castle FE is a facilities engineering company that offers engineering, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO ) services, solutions and supplies to industrial plants, commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Castle FE Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2012 to with an aim to provide practical and cost effective MRO services based on the 5 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover & Repair) to promote green best practices, reduce impact on the environment, maximize facility and equipment lifespan and reduce life-cycle cost.

Castle FE also aims to serve the needs of facility owners/tenants who do not have or require an in-house maintenance team and also residential property owners/tenants who need home improvement, repair and maintenance services.

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  • Quick Response (Same day), Service Delivery 100%
  • Products and Services 100%
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Energy Efficient Lighting

LED, T5 & T8 lamps

Water Saving Fittings

Taps, Flushing Valves, Flow Regulators & Ultrasonic Water Meters

Clean Air Equipment

Air Purifier, Air Cleaner, Air Ionizer & Dehumidifier

Safety Equipment

Emergency Eye Wash, Face Wash, Safety Shower, Spill Prevention & Containment



Facility Engineering: Design, construction and fabrication services


Addition & Alteration Works


Building/Facility Inspection Services


Coating & Painting


Vendor Management


Facility Maintenance: Building, MEP(Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), plant and machine repair and maintenance services


Repair and Retrofitting Works


Water Efficient Landscaping & Irrigation System


Facility Logistics

We help you manage and maintain your facility/property. As a one point contact, we fulfill our clients’ facility service needs by seamlessly integrating service providers and MRO suppliers while managing quality and cost. We save you all the hassle of managing the maintenance of your facility as dealing with several vendors for repair or maintenance tasks can be time and cost consuming. For facility owners/tenants, outsourcing maintenance management helps reduce overall maintenance cost and for property owners/tenants, convenience and peace of mind.

Why you’ll love Castle FE services

One Point Contact

Single source for integrated and standalone solutions. Reduced hassle in managing maintenance works.

User Friendly Services

We adapt to your needs with flexibility in our services; big job, small job, job requests after office hours and weekends.

Reduced Cost and Downtime

Focus on cost effective solutions, quality workmanship and efficiency so that it does not disrupt your operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer centric approach and service delivery from start to end.

Join Us

Join us if you are a building and engineering services constructor, repair and maintenance service provider or supplier and become a partner in our quest to provide best total facility maintenance and customer satisfaction. We welcome all, regardless whether you are company or individual, full timer or part-timer as long as you have the relevant skills and passion to provide good service for the benefit of all. Together, we work to execute and deliver best services and value to our Customers.

Thank you for your interest in Castle FE. For contact details please refer to Contact Us section. We look forward to hearing from you.